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Project Summary

MenschenFor the FairGuidance project, seven organisations from three different countries join their competences in order to create innovative guidance strategies to support disadvantaged persons. The project’s aim is to integrate low-skilled persons, migrants, ethnic minorities, long-term unemployed and other marginalised groups, into education, training and the labour market.

In order to achieve this, the project consortium will develop a handbook for more client-oriented guidance and counselling offers that consider diversity issues.

In the first place, the handbook will be used by staff in Vocational and Educational Training (VET), such as counsellors, advisors, trainers, consultants, and it will have an impact on their professional development and qualification. Persons from disadvantaged backgrounds and with fewer opportunities will benefit from these more individualised guidance services.

To achieve a better integration of disadvantaged persons, more qualified counsellors in the field of VET are needed who will be aware of various kinds of disparities and sensitised and who are prepared for equity, diversity and inclusion challenges. The challenge often is to reach disadvantaged persons in the first place and to respond as a counsellor adequately to their needs and particular circumstances. At this particular point, the project comes into play as it will not only facilitate the access to guidance services but also the transition to further education, training and the world of work.


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